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Franklin Dental Offers Full Service Cosmetic Dentistry to Southeastern Wisconsin

Franklin Dental Associates

Gloria is someone everyone can relate to. She is a normal adult who lives a happy life, but unfortunately got stuck with some dental problems.

Dental issues are common, especially as adults start heading into their 50’s and 60’s.  Like many individuals she needed some dental work done and unfortunately she also had a fear of the dentist. This is a far from ideal situation.

With the summer here, it is not uncommon we may find ourselves reaching for a refreshing drink to hydrate more often than we are use to in the cold months. When you grab refreshment, do you take a minute to actually read the label of what you are consuming? Is it sugar free? If it’s not, how much sugar are you actually consuming? Let’s dig in and see what damage you could really be doing. You may think you are hydrating, but are you really?

So you have heard about how thorough Franklin Dental is in giving oral cancer exams by now correct? Let me take a few minutes to explain what exactly we do during your appointment to screen you for oral cancer.

There are a lot of things in life that we wish costed less. In fact, we probably wish that on just about everything. But, the sad reality is that we can’t always get what we wish for, so we need to decide the smartest ways to spend on our money based on the knowledge we have.

As technology advances and greater improvements are made, receiving quality dental care can sometimes come at a greater expense than expected and anticipated. However, not receiving the dental care you need can end up being a bigger expense long term for both your wallet and your dental health

You might say we’re biased, but the Franklin Dental team feels strongly that dental implants are one of the greatest advances in the dental world. Implants offer a long term, cost effective solution for patients who have lost anywhere from one to all of their teeth. Yet, nothing in medicine is absolute or perfect. As with any other surgical procedure, there are risks associated with dental implants which should be carefully considered before you decide to move forward.

Visiting the dentist is one of the most important things we can do to keep our overall health in top shape. Yet, many people avoid the dentist’s office due to the perception that it’s not only expensive, but perhaps even costly for no good reason. If you’ve ever glanced at a dentist bill and wondered why the fees seem so high, read on to find out where your hard earned dollars are going.