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Franklin Dental Offers Full Service Cosmetic Dentistry to Southeastern Wisconsin

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One of the most common questions regarding dental implants is, “How much do dental implants cost?” Many people want to know exactly what kind of financial commitment they will be getting into before even starting. In this blog, we are going to explain what to expect when thinking about doing a dental implant procedure. 

Your local dentist can provide a lot of value to you. They can improve your confidence, fix a broken tooth, or straighten your teeth. But what are these procedures called and what exactly do they entail? In today's post, we'll cover some of the more common cosmetic dentistry procedures and how they can improve your oral health.  

It could be you, or it could be your children, but at some point, someone in your family will mention the word “braces.” Thoughts of metal and wires covering your smile flash through your head creating an unpleasant, but possibly necessary, scenario.


The alternative to wire braces- Invisalign, a clear, nearly undetectable orthodontic aligner that can successfully straighten teeth. Let’s take a deeper look at Invisalign clear braces and see why they make an excellent solution for straightening teeth. 

Thinking about getting an implant but hesitant due to their “recent” introduction to dentistry?

Surprise! Implants have actually been around a lot longer than you may think. Implants date back hundreds if not thousands of years.

In today’s world of dentistry there are lots of options that can at times be overwhelming! How do you decide what is best? Silver or tooth colored fillings is one topic that we can explore and what the differences are.

So, you are at the dental office and the hygienist finishes up with your cleaning. The doctor comes in and gives you the “routine” exam (which ends up NOT being routine) and tells you that you are in need of some new fillings. The old ones are breaking down and it’s time to replace them. Here are your options: Mercury or white ones. Well, which do I choose? Let’s explore the difference in this blog!

Dental implants to replace missing teeth are a hot topic these days. Your friend got one, you’ve heard people talking about them, but you’re still not sure exactly how it works or what it is. In this blog we will be explaining exactly what an implant is, what components are used to restore it, and how it’s placed.